Head West at Hangar 1 Distillery

Head West at Hangar 1 Distillery

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HEAD WEST - a MARKETPLACE by WEST PERRO in partnership with Hangar 1 Distillery.

HEAD WEST is curated by creative + small business entrepreneur Jimmy Brower of West Perro - a desert-inspired lifestyle brand, based in Oakland, California.

Vendor participation is open to makers, crafters, designers, small brands, local shops, creative installation artists, speciality service providers and local charities/non-profit organizations.

The mission of HEAD WEST is to create an environment that supports and embraces local creativity + the spirit of entrepreneurship. By connecting people, we preserve arts + culture, realize our impact on the local economy + provide for the well-being of the people that keep these ideals alive. HEAD WEST is a platform to embrace all things creative in people and product that bring positivity + good vibes into all of our lives.

Vendor participant cost is based on booth size:

One Day Events:

10' x 10' booth = $150

10’ x 20’ booth = $250

Two Day Events:

10’ x 10’ booth = $250

10’ x 20’ booth = $450

Shared Full Booths are available, and will require additional details during the application process. There is no need for each vendor to submit their own application, as only one vendor should submit and include their shared vendor in the application info.

Vendor participants are required to provide their own tables, displays and fixtures. The vendor participant is REQUIRED to provide their own 10’x10’ canopy tent, with weights. This is mandatory, as there will be no tents available day-of. Utilize sellers such as AMAZON for the most affordable canopy tents, preferably with white or beige canvas. Same requirement applies for a 10’ x 20’ booth, unless you are a mobile vendor.

All HEAD WEST events are held rain or shine. In cases of inclement weather, ensure you come prepared with canopy tent walls, tarps and other necessities to protect you, your shoppers and your product against the elements.

There are no refunds or booth credits for vendor cancellations. Refunds will only be given if events are cancelled in their entirety.

Vendor participants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, as there are limited booth spaces available during each event date. Applications are open on a rolling basis, with vendor participants being notified upon their acceptance.

Any vendor participants that are not accepted, will receive a full refund.

During any two day event, security will be present to guard vendor participant booths but HEAD WEST is not liable for lost or stolen product or equipment.

Hangar 1 Distillery is located in Alameda, California.

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