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Heading One font Head West
Born out of the desire to create accessible and affordable space for others, creative + small business entrepreneur Jimmy Brower curates a marketplace experience that brings together the spirit of the modern maker with the ideals of the traveling vagabond to the East Bay of San Francisco. Head West provides a platform for new and emerging brands to have a physical selling space to showcase their designs, hand-made goods and unique talents. Focused on building connections + creating community, Head West, in addition to the marketplace, will soon offer workshops, a speaker series and expanded resources for new and existing brands to learn, grow, connect + share. 

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he Mission of Head West is to create an environment that supports and embraces local creativity + the spirit of entrepreneurship. Through connecting people, we preserve arts + culture, realize our impact on the local economy + provide for the well-being of the people that keep these ideals alive.

Head West is a platform to embrace all things creative in people and product that bring positivity + good vibes into all of our lives.