fourth street.

1834 Fourth Street Berkeley, California 94710

BOUQUET + HEAD WEST in partnership with Fourth Street Shops in Berkeley, California is curated by Jimmy Brower, of West Perro - a desert-inspired lifestyle brand, based in Oakland, California.

Makers, Merchants + Mavericks are encouraged to apply and includes makers, crafters, designers, small brands, local shops, creative installation artists, speciality service providers and local charities/non-profit organizations.

Fourth Street is a neighborhood of small shops, cafes and eateries located in Berkeley, California.

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Head West Fourth Street
Head West Fourth Street





A Vibe Called Yes

Adelyn Grace Vintage

AETAS Jewelry

Alahas Ni Mayari


Always on the Hunt

Amanda Hunt Jewelry

Anna Chich Jewelry

Anna Monet Jewelry

Artisan Collective


AttackHeart Vintage

Avenue Dry Goods

Ay Su Jewelry

Barnaby Jack

Beat Vintage

Bobbi J Jewelry

Bolo Vintage

Born Again Bluez

Bubbles Soaps

Burly Beverages

Burning Leather Vintage

Candid Art Accessories

Candle Du Jour

Carly Foster Jewelry

Caviar & Cigarettes

Charlotte Stone Shoes

Cherry Brick Road

Close Horse Vintage

Corazon's Closet

Cornholio's Closet

Covetedge Vintage

Coyote Co. Vintage

Curvy Girl Vintage

Custard Heart Vintage

Dirty Mermaid Beauty

Doodles Ink Designs

Dylan the Jeweler

Eight & Sand

Emma Rose Designs

EmmieBean Custom Portraits

Empress Vintage

Erin Cuff Jewelry

Everything & Nothing

Faye Kendall

Godseye Oils

Gold Feather

Golden Hour

Gypsy Boo Love

Happy French Gang

Have Love, Will Travel

Curated Music by Damien Merino

Healing Studio

Hell Yeah Vintage

Heritage Mercantile


Hilary Finck Jewelry

Indigo Vintage

Jalama Dyes

Johanna Spraugue Design

Jubilee Street Vintage

Kaleidoscope Goods

Kali Made

Keepsake Collection

La Cobra

Laura Elena Designs

Liibet Design

Local Clothing West

Love Julia Wild

Lux + Stone

Madewell - Recycled Denim Cart

Makossa Vintage

Mami Licho

Mano Made

Mate Masie Curation

Maya Bauman

Metta Good



Neutral Ground

Nomad Rugs

North + East Leather

Nothing Vintage

Old Moon Vintage

Patch Ya Later

Plant Chandeliers

Polish & Glo

Poor Bliss Vintage

POST Alchemy

Prism Jewels

Ravello Design


Retro Reduxx

Revival Vintage Co.

Roots & Blooms

Sandra Kathleen Jewelry

Seapony Couture

Sequoia Goods

Shades of Sugar Bake Shop


Shine On! Vintage

Siren Jewelry

Slant Vintage

Slate + Stone Jewelry

Soul Rock Vintage

Souls of California

St. Lightning

Studio Y Handmade


Summer Solace Tallow

Sun Drop Jewelry

Sunshine Prophecy

Tangleweeds Jewelry

Tar & Feather Vintage

The Future Past

The PopNation

Thesis of Alexandria

Tidy Shoppe/Total Score Collective

Ultralight Dreams

Unearth Vintage

Unwritten Floral Work + Design

US Vintage

Val and Val Vintage

Vintage Susies