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a new marketplace

head west.

Born out of the desire to create accessible and affordable space for others, creative + small business entrepreneur Jimmy Brower curates Head West marketplace in and around the Central + East Bay of San Francisco, providing a platform for new and emerging brands to have a physical selling space. Focused on building connections + creating community, Head West will soon offer entrepreneur workshops, a speaker series and expanded resources for brands to learn + grow. 


Calendar: Dates + Locations

when + where.

Head West began in 2017 at Bay Street Shopping Center in Emeryville, California — where it continues to gather on a monthly basis. Beginning December 2018, the marketplace, hosted by desert-inspired lifestyle brand West Perro will debut in Old Oakland and is set to explore new locations to add in 2019. Have a space in mind? Reach out to Jimmy, here.


jewelry brand: ultralight dreams


Home textile designer: Mokun


mom + daughter succulent potters: monarch 12


mama, baby + Home brand: WYLDER SHOP


well-worn leather maker: meremade



having space.

From first-timers to emerging brands, Head West brings together something for everyone. Having an accessible and affordable space means that vendors can bring together an array of goods and products at all price levels. The marketplaces also highly curated to be mindful of quality, craftsmanship and community consciousness.



Where to go

the bay area.


San Francisco, Oakland, Emeryville + Berkeley — just a handful of the cities around the Bay bursting at the seams with arts + culture through the hands of it’s makers, crafters, designers and small business entrepreneurs. We are hard working individuals, dedicated to carving out our legacy, strengthening our relationship with the local economy, and celebrating creativity through entrepreneurship. It’s here in the Bay Area, where you’ll find us.